Firesign Theatre - Eat or Be Eaten - CD


Eat or Be Eaten – one of the last remaining Firesign Theatre albums never to be reissued on CD – is the story of Player (Peter Bergman) and his journey into and out of the game world of Kudzu County: a dangerous American hinterland of virgin sacrifices, Sphinx disk jockeys, discount all-weather art warehouses, and Shoplifters Markets.

A hilarious artifact of the Digital Bronze Age, Eat or Be Eaten started as an idea for a board game with an interactive CD; then a Cinemax special; then a comedy album; and finally an unsold soap opera pitch. It was also the world’s first CD+G disc with subcode graphics, and buyers with the right hardware could watch a 1980s-tastic gallery of 16-color graphics play along with the album on their TVs.


Track Listings:

1. Headball Classic

2. Wimpy"s Software

3. Kamikaze Recall

4. Entering Labyrinth

5. Chi-Chi

6. Johnny Piano

7. The National Toilet

8. Welcome to Barberia

9. Shoplifters Market

10. Neighborhood Survival Gunstore

11. Getting in

12. Bait and Switch

13. Police Problem

14. Dylan at the Met

15. Art Snob

16. Eat or Be Eaten

17. Tonto's Cowboy Bank

18. Getting Out

Bonus Audio

19. Introduction/Kudzu Festival

20. General Bivalve

21. Johnny Piano (full version)

22. Balls

23. Fairy Tale

24. Welcome To Barberia (full version)

25. Ye Olde Printing Preff

26. Revere's Dribble Party

27. The Book of Me

28. Zippo & Beepo

29. Hee & Shee

30. Computer Dating

31. Chainmail Massacre


Firesign Theatre - Eat or Be Eaten - CD
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  • Firesign Theatre - Eat or Be Eaten - CD