Lily Tomlin 4 CD classic collection


These four classic LILY TOMLIN albums have never been released on CD until now thanks to our friends at  where you can find these and many more comedy CD bargains. The CDs are as follows:



If you remember Lily Tomlin from Laugh-In, and even if you don’t, you will love this classic comedy CD. It doesn’t get any funnier than this. Buy it for yourself or your favorite friend! This album was first released on vinyl in 1971. This is its first release on CD, and it's not available in stores, nor on Amazon or other places like that

Track Listings:

1. Alexander Graham Bell

2. Mr. Veedle

3. The Marriage Counselor

4. Joan Crawford

5. Obscene Phone Call

6. The Repairman

7. The Bordello

8. Strike

9. Peeved

10. Ernestine

11. The Pageant

12. The F.B.I.

13. The Mafia And The Pope

14. Mrs. Mitchell

15. Awards Dinner

16. Boswick

17. I.B.M.



This CD was Lily Tomlin's second album release recorded in 1971 and features Lily's brat character "Edith Ann". Lily's "Edith Ann" is a truthful characterization duplicating dialogue one might hear from any little monster: "If you love someone you can kiss them on the lips and you do not have to wipe them off. I love Junior Phillips, he's my boyfriend. He's'll never guess what happened...Junior got twin brothers...and Junior don't know which is the real one and which is the xerox. So he has to be mean to both of 'em." A truly great artistic work by an American Icon, Lily Tomlin.

Tracks listings:

1. Hey Lady

2. I Always Kiss Buster

3. My Sister Mary Jean

4. Look In The Sky

5. I Dressed Him Up

6. Here's The Empty Lot

7. Guess This Riddle

8. I Can't Go To The Movies Here

9. I Go To Sunday School

10. Here's My House

11. Lady, Lady, Open Up

12. I Like Your Kitchen

13. Do You Have Any Chewing Gum?

14. Don't My Toes Look Pretty?

15. I Will Help You Unpack

16. Does This Chair Lean Back?

17. Tell Me Something, Lady

18. Finish Putting The Groceries Away

19. I Want You To Go



The long awaited classic Lily Tomlin album "Modern Scream" is now available on CD. This was Lily's first concept album recorded in 1975 featuring all of her favorite characters including ERNESTINE, MRS. BEASLEY, SUZY SORORITY, EDITH ANN, DR. DACEY, TONI, and SISTER BOOGIE MAN.

Quoting Ronald L. Smith, author of Goldmine's Comedy Records: Now moving into one-woman shows written by her companion Jane Wagner, Lily began abandoning standard jokes for character studies. "Modern Scream" offers Lucille, a tearful alcoholic who has a rubber fetish: "At first I was careful, ya know. Door stops. Backs off the shag rugs. Tip of mothers' cane....I don't know what would come over me, I'd just jump up, run into the kitchen and eat a spatula." There's Suzy Sorority, the ultimate Valley Girl-homecoming queen; housewife Judith Beasley; and sister Boogie Woman, who can define happiness as "When you're seventy-seven years old...and your teeth are in a jar and those teeth are smillin'."

There are a few moments for Tomlin's one-liner observations: "The formula for water is H2O. Is the formula for an ice cube H2O squared? Why is it when we talk to God we're said to be praying, but when God talks to us we're schizophrenic?"

Trying to turn vinyl into an art form, this one is a collage of studio cuts with sound effects, running commentary between Lily and a reporter, and live material.

Track Listings:

1.  Lucille The Rubber Freak

2.  Suzie Sorority

3.  Edith Ann

4.  Dr. Dacey

5.  Mrs. Beasley

6.  Toni

7.  Ernestine

8.  Mrs. Beasley

9.  Sister Boogie Man


Track Listings:


The 1977 album is based on Lily's Broadway show "Appearing Nitely", a success that landed her the cover of Time Magazine on March 28th of that year as "New Queen Of Comedy".

Track Listings:

Act 1

Before The Show

1.  Mr. Theater Goer and Shopping Bag Lady

During The Show

2.  Mrs. Judith Beasley

3.  Lud and Marie meet Dracula's Daughter

4.  Ernestine

5.  Tell Miss Sweeny Goodbye


6.  Shopping Bag Lady

Act 2

7.  Glenna - A Child of the 60s

After The Show

8.  Lily and The Shopping Bag Lady

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Lily Tomlin 4 CD classic collection
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  • Lily Tomlin 4 CD classic collection
  • Lily Tomlin 4 CD classic collection
  • Lily Tomlin 4 CD classic collection
  • Lily Tomlin 4 CD classic collection