The Alley Cats - 1979-1982 - CD/DVD





Randy Stodola - Dianne Chai - John McCarthy

The Alley Cats - "1979 - 1982 "

Brand new re-mastered tracks from this Los Angeles Iconic 80s band. First time available on CD, this classic mysterious band was a favorite of all the musicians during the late 70s punk/new wave movement. The band toured with The Police, 999, The Go Go's, and many other popular bands of that time.

Band members

Randy Stodola - guitar/vocals

Dianne Chai - bass/vocals

John McCarthy - drums

Track Listings;

1. Nightmare City

2. Today

3. Night of the Living Dead

4. Breath of a Barfly

5. It Only Hurts the First Time

6. When The World Was Old

7. Bitter Fruit

8. The Hotel

9. Waiting For The Buzz

10. Just an Alley Cat

As a bonus feature of this outstanding package, a DVD is included featuring videos of the following songs:

1. Today

2. Escape From The Planet Earth

3. Night of the Living Dead

4. It Only Hurts The First Time

Great Music from one of the finest bands of their time.


The Alley Cats - 1979-1982 - CD/DVD
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  • The Alley Cats - 1979-1982 - CD/DVD