Alan King - On Comedy - CD


 This two disc set contains one of Larry Wilde's finest interviews with an American Comedy Icon, ALAN KING

Track Listings:

Disc One:

1. Being a Comedian, family influence

2. Material, Singing, Alan King style

3. Comedy Writers, Topical Comedy

4. Process of Putting Material together

5. Describe your work

6. Cigar as a prop, Ability to make people laugh

7. Essential Ingredients to becoming a comedian

Disc Two:

1. Need for approval, Power, Neurosis

2. Finding New Material, Advice to Comedians

3. Insecurity

4. Relationship between being a good actor and a good comedian. Toughest thing about being a star

5. Being financially secure make a comedian funny?. How do you keep the creative juices flowing?

This two CD set runs 97 minutes.

Alan King - On Comedy - CD
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  • Alan King - On Comedy - CD