Ed McMahon Roast - 1987 - CD


This roast was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills California in 1987 and was a milestone in the history of roasts because Gloria Allred, the famous attorney wanted to attend the roast but because it was for "men only", the story goes that Ms. Allred threatened to sue the Friars Club. In order to avoid a lawsuit, the Friars Club of California made Ms. Allred a member. As a member, Gloria was now allowed to attend the roast and attend she did. Gloria purchase 12 tickets right in the front of the stage and brought her girlfriends with her. They were the only women in the audience of 1500 men. Milton Berle starts the evening off with a quick one liner that sets the tone for the evening. This is a very funny CD.


Track Listings:

1. Milton Berle

2. Pat McCormick

3. Al Berni

4. Dave Barry

5. Norm Crosby

6. Johnny Carson

7. Don Rickles

Ed McMahon Roast - 1987 - CD
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  • Ed McMahon Roast - 1987 - CD