Firesign Theatre - Rare 3 CD Gift Set






1st CD: "Everthing You Know Is Wrong".

This is one of the most famous Firesign recordings now available on CD. Gut busting funny and a wonderful gift to that special person.

2nd CD: "The Tale Of The Giant Rat Of Sumatra".

Another great comedy classic from the Firesign guys.

Track Listings:

1. Not Quite The Solution He Expected

2. An Outrageously Disgusting Disguise

3. Where There's Smoke There's Work

4. Where Did Jonas Go When The Lights Went Out?

5. Pickles Down The Rat Hole

6. The Electrician Exposes Himself!

3rd CD: "Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death"

The apocalyptic comedians of the Firesign Theatre return with Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death, their first studio recording in nearly 20 years. Like their original classics, this one tells a story that is greater than the sum of its satire, double entendres, and nonstop puns. Join the festivities as FT's own Radio Now broadcasts the end of the world, live on December 31, 1999. You'll hear Joe Camel's farewell speech, learn about the mysterious guys in eyeball hats, and be on the scene for the Princess Goddess Doll Drop. Old fans will get goose bumps as used-car dealer Ralph Spoilsport returns to sell cloned body parts, but even (puzzled) newcomers to the Firesign universe should be hooked after a few repeat plays. The more you listen to Give Me Immortality, the funnier it gets.


Unconscious Village: Wake Up - The Firesign Theatre Eyeballs In The Sky - The Firesign Theatre US Plus: Pork - The Firesign Theatre The Celebrity Stalker - The Firesign Theatre Sports In Your Shorts - The Firesign Theatre Ralph Spoilsports Going Out Of Body Sale - The Firesign Theatre The News Drought Continues - The Firesign Theatre Goddess Air Presents "Hullo, Don't Worry! - The Firesign Theatre A Developing Chase Situation - The Firesign Theatre Pull My String - The Firesign Theatre Princess Goddess Escapes The Celebrazzis - The Firesign Theatre Chump Takes Some Hits - The Firesign Theatre Polar Pro: Texas Trots - The Firesign Theatre Miss Shelob's Feelin' Poorly

This CD has a total of 29 tracks guaranteed to make you soil yourself!

All CDs are brand new, factory sealed, and ready for immediate shipping.

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Firesign Theatre - Rare 3 CD Gift Set
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  • Firesign Theatre - Rare 3 CD Gift Set
  • Firesign Theatre - Rare 3 CD Gift Set
  • Firesign Theatre - Rare 3 CD Gift Set