Franklyn Ajaye - Classic 2 CD set


Franklyn Ajaye (born May 13, 1949) is a stand-up comedian. His nickname is, in his own imagination, "The Jazz Comedian" as he also played jazz for a time earlier in his entertainment career. He was born in Brooklyn, NY but raised in Los Angeles by an African father and a Florida-born mother. Ajaye is, as he likes to joke, a "true African-American." He has released five comedy albums to date: Franklyn Ajaye, Comedian (1973), I'm a Comedian, Seriously (1974), Don't Smoke Dope, Fry Your Hair (1977), Plaid Pants and Psycopaths (1986), and Vagabond Jazz & the Abstract Truth (2004). Ajaye made his network debut on The Flip Wilson Show in 1973 and made his first appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson a year later. He emigrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1997, but returns to the United States periodically to do stand-up at clubs or in television specials. He is known in Australia for his appearances on The Panel. He is an accomplished actor that starred in films such as Convoy and Car Wash. He has been seen more recently in the TV show Deadwood. Ajaye has also been nominated twice for the Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Variety or Music Program for In Living Color (1990) and Politically Incorrect (1997)[1] On his stand-up television show Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, British comedian Stewart Lee mocked Ajaye for his LP I'm a Comedian, Seriously, sarcastically questioning the track titles of 'Homosexuals', 'Girls With Big Breasts' and 'Dick Caught In Zipper', in the context of the claim on the album sleeve that all its subjects had been witnessed by Ajaye or had happened to him personally.


Track Listings:

1. High School Hoodlums

2. High School Fights

3. Student Government

4. Spanish Names

5. Health Class

6. B Football

7. Freemont High

8. Weekend Parties

9. Student/Teacher

10. Graduation

11. High School Counselor

12. Black Power Movement

13. Basketball - UCLA

14. Disneyland

15. New York City

16. Television Shows

17. Football

18. Monsters on TV

19. Commercials

20. Skill Schools

21. Jerry West PSA

22. PSA's

23. Margerine

24. Playtex

25. Ex-Lax

26. Trojans


Track Listings:

1. 1. Working in Men's Clothing Store

2. College

3. Law School

4. New York City

5. Traveling

6. Movies

7. Religion

8. Television

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Franklyn Ajaye - Classic 2 CD set
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  • Franklyn Ajaye - Classic 2 CD set
  • Franklyn Ajaye - Classic 2 CD set