John Valby - Coming Soon on a Face Near You - CD/DVD






Brand New CD plus bonus video songs COMING SOON ON A FACE NEAR YOU

All Dr. Dirty fans will love this great live recording performed at McCurdy's Comedy Theatre in Sarasota, Florida and SideSplitters Comedy Club in Tampa, Florida featuring an 18 song video of never before seen footage of the dirtiest piano player on the planet.  You and your friends will laugh so hard you'll mess up your floors.

Join the fun as JOHN VALBY brings it on with some of the funniest, gut busting, pants peeing songs you've ever heard.

WARNING: Make sure you're wearing your pampers before listening to the CD and watching this video.

Track Listings for the CD:

1. Somewhere

2. Intro

3. Playing With My Rod

4. Winter Wonderland

5. Rum Pum Pum

6. Joy To The World

7. This Old Man

8. Old Faithful

9. Rudolph's Races

10. Always A Woman

11. Purple People 1/2

12. Granada

13. Who Gives a F**k

14. Ya-Ya

15. Impossible

16. Osama 1 & 2

17. I Wanna Holler

18. Hey Lade

19. Lake Effect Blues

20. The Rose

Track Listings for the DVD:

1. Playing With My Rod

2. Christmas Medley Songs

3. The Rose

4. This Old Man

5. In The Mood

6. LeRoy

7. Yo-Ho

8. Hello Mother

9. Who Gives A F**k

10.Feeding Tube



13.Gang Bang

14.Hey Lade

15.William Tell

16.Addams Family

17.Beverly Hillbillies


45 minutes of never before seen video of Dr. Dirty filmed at SideSplitters Comedy Club in Tampa, Florida

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John Valby - Coming Soon on a Face Near You - CD/DVD
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  • John Valby - Coming Soon on a Face Near You - CD/DVD