Justin Wilson - Truckin with Justin Wilson


There is a good reason why Southerners are wonderful storytellers. Long before air conditioning and television, before CD players and computers, the Southern folks' major solution to coping with the southern climate and boredom was to sit on the front porch at night and listen to someone particularly gifted with a gift-of-gab recite tales of love under moonlight and magnolias, the good-ole-days, and the knee slapping humor particular to the "culture" of the North. Out of one particular province in the South known as the "Cajun country" comes JUSTIN WILSON, one of the most talented storytellers with the gift-of-gab you will ever hear. We hope you enjoy these two CDs as much as Justin enjoyed weaving the delightful tales you're soon to hear.


Track Listing:

1. What a Cajun Is

2. No Fellow Guests Needed

3. Cooked Chicken That Could Still Fly

4. Innovative Car Carrier Driver

5. Doing a Friend a Favor

6. Psychiatrist & The Gravel Hauler

7. Ultimate Faith

8. The President Isn't Coming

9. The Lord Better Ride With Me

10. Manicurist With Forced Scruples

11. Fast Policeman With a Drunk Friend

12. Backward Farmer

13. Obedient Football Player

14. Closing

Justin Wilson - Truckin with Justin Wilson
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  • Justin Wilson - Truckin with Justin Wilson