Otto and George - "In Concert" - CD plus Bonus Video Performance


This live CD recording was recently found by the family of Otto Petersen after his passing.  Otto had recorded one show and left the recording in George's travel case.  As it turns out, this is without a doubt, the funniest Otto and George recording ever made. Otto recorded this show at The Brokerage in Bellmore, New York.


With this order you will receive a DVD video performance of Otto & George at The Improv in Orlando, Florida.


The video was shot in Orlando, Florida in 2008 using video equipment that is not up to today's standards.  The producers have left the video in tact without any editing for your enjoyment.  The audience for this performance mostly comprised of visitors to DisneyWorld which was about five miles from the Improv in Orlando.  Needless to day, the audience was shocked when they heard the vulgarity coming out of George's mouth, but that did not stop them from laughing.  This video is the only known professionally made performance of this great comedy duo.  Running 22 minutes long, it is priceless.  Enjoy!


"An inspiration...A genius!" - David Copperfield

"So happy that this CD is coming out to show the pure brilliance of a comic we lost way too soon.  His "I don't give a fuck" attitude will always inspire me" - Jim Florentine

"Yesss!!! The new CD is spooky good. Check it out" - Dave Attell

"I feel sorry for any comedian who never had the chance to work with Otto. He brought us to a very dark place in our psyche by making us laugh at the most horrific things imaginable while using the most barbaric terminology imaginable.  His mastery of the language and graphic imagery are unequaled.  He was a true genius" - Jim Norton


CD Track Listings:

1.  Working With a Hand Up Your Ass

2.  Thinking About Pussy

3.  Barack

4.  The Pope

5.  Sports Groupie

6.  Tattoos





Otto and George - "In Concert" - CD plus Bonus Video Performance
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  • Otto and George - "In Concert" - CD plus Bonus Video Performance