Otto & George - Found Cassettes - New CD


This amazing CD has just been released by Otto's wife, Tricia.  After Otto's passing, Tricia went through boxes of Otto's belongings finding a huge amount of recorded cassettes from shows all the way back into the 80s.  

There are over 55 minutes of non-stop laughs for all Otto & George fans.

This CD is a result of finding several cassettes among Otto’s many boxes and suitcases, the accumulation of more than 40 years entertaining people. I chose these two sets, out of all the ones I listened to, because I feel they best represent Otto & George early in their career. These recordings highlight how George’s persona changed, early on his heavy New York accent was so different from Otto’s own Brooklyn/Staten Island inflections. Also George tended to laugh harshly at his own comments, which I think he stopped doing as the act matured.

I know fans of Otto & George will enjoy hearing material they probably never heard before, and see how the act evolved to what they know best. ~ Tricia Conte (Otto’s wife)

Otto & George - Found Cassettes - New CD
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  • Otto & George - Found Cassettes - New CD