Soupy Sales Sez "Do The Mouse" - CD


If you grew up with Soupy and you miss seeing him everyday like we do, this CD is the answer to all your problems. If you need a daily fix of the wacky Mr. Sales, pick up a copy today and share it with next generation. This album was first released on vinyl in 1965. This is its first release on CD anywhere. It's not available in stores, nor on Amazon or other places like that. is committed to preserving classic comedy for future generations, and your purchase of this CD will support our efforts.

Track Listings:

1. The Mouse

2. Name Game

3. Sad Sack

4. Speedy Gonzales

5. Hey Pearl

6. The Nitty Gritty

7. Mouse Trap

8. Your Brains'll Fall Out

9. King Kong

10. Mightly Clem

11. Pachalafaka

12. Mr. Cab Driver

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Soupy Sales Sez "Do The Mouse" - CD
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  • Soupy Sales Sez "Do The Mouse" - CD